Innovate Faster with GitHub and DevOps

Why GitHub and CEI for DevOps?

As an Advanced GitHub Partner, CEI has proven over 18 years and 300 DevOps engagements how DevOps can to facilitate organization-wide transformation. 

By partnering with CEI and GitHub, you will increase your team's productivity and efficiency while also improving your development practices. Enable your teams to launch more secure code into production faster.

  • Experience the power of DevOps Transformation by leveraging the right products, encouraging an innovative culture, hiring the best team members, and implementing the processes to support it all.
  • Learn about our Adoption Accelerator, where we take you from start to finish with GitHub through the Workshop, Migrate, Mentor, and Adopt phases.
  • CEI clients have experienced 30-50x faster development cycles, and a 21% increase in new software and services delivered. Make results like this possible for your organization when you commit to a DevOps Transformation with GitHub.

Unlock the Power of GitHub