Empower Your Marketing and IT Teams With Sitecore 10+

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Schedule an upgrade assessment at 75% off standard fees for a limited time only! If an upgrade is right for you, a refund of assessment fees in the form of a credit will be provided for you to use in your organization's project.*

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Did You Know?

Beginning December 21st, 2022, the extended support period for Sitecore Version 8.2 and older will no longer be available. Many of our clients are asking themselves:


 1.    How will this impact my digital services and marketing goals for 2023?

 2.    Will upgrading improve my current platform capabilities?

 3.    How much time and budget will be required to upgrade?

How Can CEI Help?

CEI can assist you in answering all the questions above through our Upgrade Assessment.

For a limited time only, our certified Sitecore MVPs and Architects will work with your teams to review your existing implementation and help your organization better understand the complexity, benefits, and level of effort required to upgrade to the latest version of Sitecore.

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What's Included in The Assessment?

  • Working Session(s) - 1-2 sessions with Business and IT Stakeholders
  • Infrastructure/Application Configuration Review
  • Platform Architecture Review (Sitecore Features)
  • Integration Review (Parallel Platforms, API's, Web Services, Microservices)
  • Codebase Evaluation (Templates, Components, Search, etc.)
  • DevOps/Workflow Review
  • Performance and Usability

What's The Outcome?

CEI's team will provide you with a summary report with actionable insights into your platform configuration including, identified challenges, actions items, and a recommended upgrade approach. The report will be broken down in the following categories below:

  • Platform Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Key Considerations
  • Preliminary Risks
  • Upgrade Challenges
  • Findings Summary
  • Complexity Ranking
  • Recommended Next Steps
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CEI clients have experienced a 15-20% decrease in individual project costs while recognizing increased team efficiency and a reduction in production errors.

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Experience new capabilities related to personalization, cognitive search, email marketing, e-commerce and digital asset management.

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Understand our Sitecore assessment process and how to define the complexity level of our upgrade efforts.

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Architect a composable solution that is both agile and scalable and enables a customer centric approach that supports your organization's unique goals.

Time is limited, so act fast to schedule your Upgrade Assessment


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*Available for the first 10 requests. Assumes assessment will not take more than 20 hours; subject to adjustment if such hours are exceeded. Credit amount for upgrade project work is not to exceed $3750. Note that each assessment, and any additional follow up work, will be documented by a Statement of Work.